Featured Clients

Featured SSM Creative Collective Clients

We’re taking this blog to celebrate a few of our featured clients! These small businesses have helped SSM Creative Collective become what it is today, and for that, we couldn’t be more grateful. If you’ve never heard of these local small businesses in Wilmington, we highly recommend that you check them out.

The Second Glass

If you’ve read our Interview with Samm blog, you know that this is where it all started! Celeste Glass and Samm worked together at Celeste’s restaurant. Samm was first a server there, but she soon began designing the menus, and the rest is history.
The Second Glass is a wine bar and restaurant in the heart of the South Front District where they serve upscale Southern and French food. Their menu is eclectic, seasonally-driven, and always wine-focused.
Be sure to stop by throughout the week to try a weekly curated wine flight, which you can learn more about on their Instagram. When you visit this restaurant, you can be sure that the second glass is always better than the last.
Samm Sawyer and Celeste Glass, a featured client, standing together outside of Celeste's restaurant The Second Glass
Samm Sawyer and Celeste Glass

Arth Real Estate Group

Andrea came to the coast from Ohio when she was in her early 20s and has never looked back! She loves to explore the Wilmington area. Finding all the local nooks and supporting local businesses are among her favorite pastimes.
Andrea’s personal touch, years of experience in the real estate industry, and infectious smile are what make her a community favorite here in the area. We can’t recommend her services enough if you’re looking to buy or sell in the Wilmington area.
We also want to shout out her blog, which is a great resource for learning about buying and selling real estate as well as exploring Wilmington and all the local favorite spots.
Samm Sawyer and Andrea Arth, a featured client, popping a champagne bottle together
Samm Sawyer and Andrea Arth

Lefler Design Studio

Created by silversmith and artisan, Teri Lefler, the work she creates for this studio captures the uniqueness of nature in every piece. Lefler’s work is at the heart inspired by her life and her experiences. She incorporates her study of sacred geometry and the Golden Proportion into her art, drawing upon her past work as a landscape architect. Her Relics collection was inspired by her travels across North America, Italy, and Mexico. Her Endless Summer collection was inspired by her newfound love and passion for surfing:

There is something soulfully empowering in calmly drifting in the sea, waiting for the right wave, and then fusing with nature’s energy for a brief moment in time for an exhilarating ride. Surfing brings me to center and reminds me not to let fear stifle my dreams. I try to capture that same adventurous and empowering, free spirit in all of my jewelry designs, whether dressed up or down. I hope it is ageless and boundless.
Teri Lefler

We love Teri’s work because she brings an eclectic flair to her jewelry, so if you’re looking for a piece as unique and beautiful as you are, we can’t recommend Lefler Design Studio enough.


CustomEyes is a locally-owned, eyewear retail store located in the South Front District (and coincidentally, right next to The Second Glass). They specialize in providing high-end luxury frames paired with the most cutting-edge lenses technology to get you the sharpest sight possible.
Samm Sawyer and Gregory Owen, one of our featured clients, standing together in Gregory's retail store, CustomEyes
Samm Sawyer and Gregory Owen
Gregor Owen, the founder of CustomEyes, had this to say about their lenses:

Using technologies exclusive to optical shops that are expertly trained to customize the measurements and design free form lenses, we are experts at delivering digital imaging and freeform clarity that is simply superior.  This is not the usual slapping together of eyewear like you’d get online or at an overcrowded eye doctor’s office: these technologies provide an exclusive eyewear experience, allowing you to see your glasses as an accessory rather than a necessity — you’ll actually want to wake up and put on your frames.

If you’re looking for unparalleled customer service, tailored lenses to meet your prescription needs, and a high-end luxury frame to turn your eyewear into a statement piece, look no further than CustomEyes.

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