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How to Skyrocket Your Instagram Engagements

Instagram. Out of all the options for social media platforms, Instagram is currently ranked as the 6th most popular social network by the number of users.

Having 1 billion monthly active users accessing the app globally, and 500 million daily active users, this powerhouse platform is an amazing tool to use for your personal brand or business to connect with your niche.

Finding and connecting with your ideal client can seem like a daunting task when faced with numbers this astronomical, but don’t worry. We’re here to break it down for you!

What is an Engaged Audience?

While you are scrolling through Instagram, it’s very clear to notice that some accounts are for personal use versus those people using this platform as a tool for their personal brands or corresponding businesses.

It’s also important to note, that while having a large following — over 10,000 — gives you perks, such as the ‘swipe up’ functionality, followers are not as high up on the list as they once were a few years ago.

Today’s importance is in having an engaged following, meaning having an audience that comments, interacts, and overall engages with the content you put out on your feed. This favors your profile for the algorithm, which is ever-changing.

Connecting with your niche via comments, stories, reels, and starting conversations is how you can really build up a relationship and trust with your followers. This means that you will have a following that sticks around for the long haul.

How to Build Engagement

Spending time on your Instagram account is crucial to building these interactions and with your following. At the same time, you want to implement the best practices to also expand your reach and build your following.

Here are some of the best practices to growing those engagements:

1. Post stories daily, include polls, quizzes, and content that prompts a fun conversation

2. Be active and consistent with your posting

3. Use all 30 hashtags and cultivate these consistently

4. Respond to and engage with other people’s stories

5. Leave meaningful comments on other people’s feeds

6. Slide into the DMs of your Target Audience

7. Always Geotag

8. Utilize your accounts Insights to post at the optimal times for your specific analytics

9. Respond to all comments

10. Post authentic, genuine, and quality captions that add value

Consistency is the Key to Success

If you’re trying to really skyrocket your Instagram presence, whether for your business or your personal brand — consistency is required to really boost your brand. While the list above may seem like a lot, it’s the reality of what it takes to be successful on Instagram, have your account in favor of the algorithm, and get in front of your target audience.

Instagram has the ability to connect you with so many people globally, it is a tool, that when used properly can boost your business bandwidth on a much larger scale. Putting in the work to make this platform work for you will give you the ultimate return!

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