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We’re a white glove boutique branding and web design collective with one thing on our mind:
let’s build a brand you love.













How it works


Get in touch and we’ll dig deep into how we can help your brand grow and flourish.

Brand Audit

The team will then preform a full brand audit and present your with our findings. 

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Book a call with one of our brand directors to discuss how SSM can help. 

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After we learn your brand, we craft an action plan to fit your needs. 

what the f.a.q?

By working with SSM Creative Collective, rest assured that we’ve got a team behind you! We’re a group composed of different skill sets, ideas, and creative approaches, all here to see your brand be successful.

The first step is having a conversation! We will sit down and talk, whether you come to our Downtown Wilmington location or prefer a meeting on the phone, or Google Meet. We will start by discussing what is important to you, your brand, and your overall business.

This is something we can discuss and plan, together! Every brand is different and we like to use an individual approach to determine what is best for you.

WE CARE. Like, a LOT. Working with SSM means knowing you’re never going to be working alone because we’ve got your back. We’re here to make sure you feel heard and that your brand feels seen.

We give you allll the logins and info you need to edit your site. No time to tackle it? Shoot us a site edit request, we’ll send back a quote and we can get to editing! 

We’re always here for you and in your corner. If you find yourself needing help, we offer Care Calls at different price points and timelines, so we can hop on a call to discuss any questions.

Honestly, this is one of the most fun parts of it all: us coming together to create ideas that you visualize representing your brand. We’re a Collective… meaning, we’re always going to have a lot of different ideas from every direction, so we feel confident we’ll be able to help you figure out what you’re wanting for your brand.

We will work together to help find your brand voice by having a conversation about what is most important to you in relation to your brand. By having a conversation together, it’ll allow us to really hear what matters to you and further help us find your individual voice.